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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 6, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. we are live in san francisco this morning. you are looking at a print shop where there was a repeat break in. we have more on the sensitive information that was stored inside and the connection to the federal case against leland yee. we will check in with alex savidge who is out there this morning. it's friday june 6th i'm pam cook. >> good morning everybody. happy friday. you still have this big temperature difference going on. >> the fog on the coast and over the bay is really thick. so 50s and 60s. no change there. low clouds. fog, sun, breezy later on. temperatures inland will come down a few degrees. reason being fog bank is being increased by a little low. 50s on the temps. it's kind of the breeze that is the key. and yesterday travis went up to 22. they cooled down four degrees.
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they are 23 gusting to 33. they will cool down another ten degrees today. morning fog is noneny by the coast. breezy to windy. 80s on the temps or 70s. 50s and 60s coast and bay. here is sal. good morning. right now traffic is doing well if you are driving on the east shore freeway. driving in from the carquinez bridge. not bad as a matter of fact. this is a very nice commute all the way from the bay bridge. traffic is looking good into san francisco. an eight minute drive time there with no major delays. if you are driving to walnut creek, this traffic looks good. we are following developing news out of hayward.
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investigators trying to figure out what caused a fire that killed an elderly woman earlier this morning. it happened just before 1:00 a.m.. firefighters were able to rescue a man, woman, and the woman's elderly aunt from the burning house but a short time later the aunt died at the scene. now the man was taken to the hospital with chest pains. the other woman is doing okay. investigators believe the fire started in a bedroom of the house but the cause is still not clear. now ktvu news has a crew on the way to the scene. we will bring you a live report at 5:30. there are also concerns over a break in at a san francisco printing shop. it was handling materials pertaining to the criminal case of leland yee and raymond chow. the government had to work hard to keep secret from the public. alex savidge is in san francisco with the latest twist this this high profile federal case. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are talking about sensitive
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evidence that is under seal from a judges order. prosecutors left some of the documents here at the colour drop print shop in san francisco. while the items were here to be copied, someone broke into the place. you can see. this window has been smashed and it was boarded up. it had to be boarded up. i want to show you surveillance video that shows the burglar kicking in the window of this business. it happened on may 25th. according to a san francisco police report on taped by ktvu a print shop employee claimed none of the federal evidence was stolen. but the attorney for chow is worried some of the evidence may have been tampered with and compromised. and he is surprise there is is no security at a business that is doing contract work for the government. >> the government fought tooth and nail to keep this
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information secret from the public and then turned around and gave this information to an unsecured, unarmed basically a civilian organization. >> reporter: according to chow's attorney, this print shop does have a contract with the u.s. attorney's office to dispurse thousands of pages of evidence to defense attorneys in this case. chow and suspended state senator leland yee are among a number of defendants that are facing charges of a wide ranging fraud case. we have reached out to a representative for the u.s. attorney's office to talk about the break in at this print shop. we will let you know when we hear back. live in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. muni service back on track this morning ahead of a critical meeting tomorrow. more than 90% of muni's 600 vehicles were on the street yesterday after that three-day sick out.
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the figure is expected to be even higher today in terms of more trains and buses out on the streets. muni operators called in sick this week in that contract dispute and muni management and union leaders will meet with an arbitrator tomorrow to try to settle the dispute. there is a different type of transit trouble for bus riders in the east bay. ac transit installed new fair boxes in january giving the riders high-tech ways to pay. but many drivers and commuters say the fair boxes are slowing down ac transit service. >> because it's very slow. the dollar bills. anything that is not a real stiff dollar bill will get pushed back to the passenger. >> i could see with the fair boxes and we got information about this that is hard to get the dollars into the machines. something we need top work on. >> critics plan to bring their complaints to next week's ac transit board meeting. among other things they will ask to keep paper bus transfers for now. gilroy police have arrested one man for murder while
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another man remains on the loose. this is a picture of 59-year- old david galvez. he is considered armed and dangerous. police yesterday arrested the other suspect. he is accused of killing his wife in april. galvez took part in the murder. glum hundreds of people -- hundreds of people are expected to say their goodbyes to a teenager that was hit and killed by a train. she was killed while walking across the train tracks next to her home. she was wearing ear buds and didn't hear or see the train coming. the the funeral service is expected to take place at 10:00 tomorrow morning. police in canada have arrested the man they say was targeting officers, killing three of them. the man hunt ended yesterday evening when police finally tracked down justin bork. armed with high power weapons he killed three officers and wounded two others. >> he had this dead lock in his face. he was walking in a straight
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line. looking in a straight line. if anybody said anything to him, he didn't even look at them, he didn't even blink. >> schools and government offices were closed as a precaution. a man accused of trying to build a bomb is due in court today. ryan chamberlain was arrested on monday near the golden gate bridge. fbi agents say they recovered bomb making materials last weekend at his san francisco apartment. items included a powdery substance, ball bearings, screws and a circuit board. a man says he was robbed at gunpoint after meeting up with a date. the victim says shortly after he met the woman, two men approached, pointed a gun at him and demanded his cell phone, wallet, and cash. three suspects left in a black
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sedan. the victim called 911. police spotted the sedan and a chase began and they later crashed where they were detained. arthur re nobis skiff -- was reunited with his dog. >> yeah that is love. the man who returned love bought the dog for his aunt from two people at a walmart in
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oakland. he then saw news reports about the missing dog he knew he had to return it. there was talk of a reward but it's uncleared if it has been delivered. time is 5:0. today the oakland animal shell already get a facelift. the animal shelter says more than 100 people from the accounting firm deloyt will be giving back to the shelter today by cleaning, painting, and adding plants. the shelter has been trying to change its image. they have been pushing to become independent from the police department. time is 5:09. and it's a new disturbing trend that is targeting people who take bart. coming up at 5:30 what these attackers are targeting and how local law enforcement agencies plan to team up to keep you safe. >> it's an awful feeling to have. i saw our life passing in front of my eyes. >> and a heroing tail of
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welcome back. 5:12 is the time. u.s. military hospital in germany says sergeant bowe bergdahl is showing signs of improvement. a pentagon spokesman says bergdahl is talking with medical staff and becoming more involved in a treatment plan designed to ease his return back to the u.s.. there is no date set for bergdahl to make his first phone call to his family in idaho or to be transferred to an army hospital in texas. there are reports that bergdahl may have tried to escape from the taliban at least twice. president obama has been criticized for securing bergdahl's freedom in the exchange for the release of five taliban prisoners. the president said bergdahl's health was at risk. as proof some senators were showed a classified video of bergdahl from last december. >> he looked terrible. and i think that video should be released at some point.
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he could barely talk. he couldn't focus his eyes. he was downcast. he was thin. >> another reason the administration says it did not notify congress in advance was because of fears the taliban was divided about the trade. now reportedly there was concern that if the deal was leaked, bergdahl's life and the life of special forces to pick him up could all be at risk. there is also word that president obama is moving ahead with his push to close the guantanamo bay prison. in exchange for sergeant bergdahl. administration facials say a significant number of prisoners are on their way toward release. currently there are 149 men being held at guantanamo. 78 have been cleared for release. president obama is about to close the detention center but it has been blocked by congress. the city council will soon debate a plan to create a powerful citizen run police
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commission panel. it would have the authority to set policy on investigations and look into citizen complaints and discipline officers. among other things the proposal would result in a reduced role. rebecca capelin may have only entered the race but she may have an edge over the rest. one political consultant tells us her entry is a game changer for the race. caplan has the highest name recognition and most experience. >> i think the only way jean quan can hang on to the seat is the if the challengers keep fighting each other. if the challengers keep the focus of the race on quan it could be a difficult scenario to see how she could win.
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time is 5:15. and now to a story out of alberto, canada you will have to see to believe. watch the slow motion footage. in just a moment a gray truck being struck by light thing. al quickly jumped into action. >> i turned my body and put my two feet up against the window. i don't know how many times i tried and tried. >> that is unbelievable. what the perry's couldn't see a police officer who witnessed the entire incident unfold was already running toward the truck to help. the couple made it out safely anneal baited their 47 -- and
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celebrated their 47th anniversary. 5:16 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at the friday morning commute. he's paying attention to me. [ laughter ] >> i like the way you said that. friday. all right. good morning everybody. let's go out and brian happy friday to you. let's take a look at what we have now. we don't have a lot going on. i think i started here with the livermore valley on westbound 580 because traffic is slow here. and this is one of the only slow spots that we have in the bay area. right here. coming in from the altamont pass. and a little bit of slow traffic as you can see as i trace a line here just to highlight what the maps are doing. but that is just about all. there is not a lot going on. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. and the commute here looks pretty good. there are no major problems getting into san francisco. as a matter of fact, we have a nice looking drive all the way across your drive time there is going to be about eight minutes. if you are driving on the east
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shore freeway, traffic is not all that bad. 17 minutes. that is really the standard time. sometimes we've seen it as low as 16 minutes but you can't get much lower than this. it will be interesting to see if it changes. i think it will later in the morning. 5:17 let's go to steve. sal real quick. >> yes, sir. >> 70th anniversary of d-day. >> i know this. i've been reading about this. >> bigger fog bank this morning. i just heard from growth that. once you get to june it's tough to cool down. parts of mendocino county are out toward vacaville. it will be a little cooler today. cooler for most inland. and then it will be warmer this weekend. i get a pretty rapid warmup sunday. and next week looks cooler. fog bank getting helped along by a low coming in. yesterday there was breaks and holes from point rays north. that is not the case today. it is ramping it up. yesterday was down today.
5:19 am
so low clouds, clear, breezy. it will be down right windy for some. cooler today. again we get anywhere from 58- 94 in my forecast zone. fairfield yesterday was 87. they came down four. i will go 85. livermore ask 89. kathy said steve, steve i like the heat. palo alto 78. east san jose 86. did drop yesterday and they will drop two more today. san jose will be around 79 degrees. the fog is there. there is a lot to go around. the water temps are still pretty cold. 50s on the techs for everybody here. mainly 53-58 degrees. but here in again 23 gusting to 33 at travis. that is a sure sign it will be cooler inland. concord has a west wind. there is a west wind at napa. that was not the case for most. it was not that strong. it is strong today. 58 sacramento.
5:20 am
55 ukiah. 52down in monterey and 45 up in bury coo. plenty of fog and low clouds to go around. it will be slow to burn off for some if at all under the coast. a lot of 50s there. no reports of drizzle yet. i would not be surprised by breezy to windy. 80s for some. 70s for others. oakland 67. the city 62. sausalito probably 60. it will be a cool pal tern. tomorrow the fog will burn off sooner. the warmest day will be sunday. could be near 100 for some out toward sacramento, maybe toward va cavil. for most inland areas 90s. about the same on monday but then a big cool down starts tuesday. 5:20 is is the time. bank of america could pay $12 billion to settle several investigations into mortgages it has handled. they are under investigation at the justice department. now they are in talks to settle all of the complaints opinion at least $5 billion of that
5:21 am
money would be used to help consumers. some would reduce homeowners loan balances and we help pay for blight removal in hard hit neighborhoods. walmart holds its annual shareholder meeting today. there are likely to be a lot of questions about how walmart plans to turn around declining profits. the world's largest retailer has seen earnings fall for the next five quarters. walmart also planning for protests outside the meeting by workers who want a guarantee of a minimum $25,000 annual a salary for full-time employees. a new colorful way to make the grade. coming up in 20 minutes a look at how businesses and restaurants will be ranked in marin county. >> desperately searching for answers from their loved ones. how families are taking the investigation into their own hands.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's been three months since the malaysia airlines jet disappeared. now the families of the passengers on board are launching a campaign to raise money. they hope to raise $3 million for a reward to encourage whistle blowers for key information about the flight to come forward. the family's also hope to raise another $2 million to hire private investigators to follow up on any leads. california supreme court
5:25 am
says red light cameras are a valid way of catching drivers that don't stop at traffic cig thats. a southern california woman argued the pictures taken by the cameras are secondhand or hearsay evidence. but the court ruled that images and other information recorded by the cameras are presumed to be authentic evidence. there are still come ways drivers can challenge red light camera tickets. >> if you can show there is a glitch oar mechanical -- or mechanical failure, you will be able to attack it. this doesn't mean you can never attack red light camera evidence. >> now it's not clear how this ruling could change red light camera programs here in the bay area, hayward and san rafael stopped using the cameras saying they were not cost effective. time is 5:25. the heat had a whole new meaning during last night's nba finals between the miami heat and the san antonio spurs. that is because the air conditioning malfunction causing very warm conditions for players and fans.
5:26 am
at one point it was 89 degrees inside the arena. according to building workers, an over heated circuit board was the problem. crews will repair the problem today and hope to have it fixed by 19. they won game one with a final of 110-95. a racehorse with ties to the bay area is hoping to make history this weekend. california chrome will go for the triple crown. the last triple crown winner was back in 1978. california chrome won the kentucky derby. this derby. s horse's trainer art sherman was the second golden gate leader. one person killed and three more injured. the latest violent attack on a college campus. and the brave person who stepped into the chaos to help
5:27 am
save lives. >> we just spoke with firefighters, challenges they face while trying to rescue the victims. >> on the sunol grade we had an earlier problem. i wanted to check it out to make sure everything is looking good. it does look like a nice drive. i will tell you more about the morning commute. >> we have winds gusting to 33 miles an hour out at travis. that is a sure shine the delta breeze is in full force. we will show you the cooler highs.
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good morning everybody. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 5:29. these are live picture om hayward where fire investigators are still searching for the cause of a deadly early morning fire. firefighters were able to rescue three people from this home about four hours ago. but that is when things took a deadly turn. janine de la vega just arrived at the scene. what fire investigators told her about this blaze coming up in two minutes. it is friday, june 6th i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. steve paul son says big fog bank out there. >> we have a cooler pattern today. you can see the low clouds. the upper level low is coming in. it doesn't have to be strong. this time of year it's weaker. when the water temperatures are colder you get an on shore breeze. clear for some. but breezy. there is no doubt about it. a little breeze has picked up. sunny, breezy, cooler for those
5:31 am
well inland. 53 to start in san francisco. we will go 61 today after yesterday's 62. there is too much fog and some areas will not get above 58-59 degrees. and you can see why it's really enhancing. 50s on the lows but really the key is the breeze. now if you have the low clouds, the breeze tails off. if you're on the edge of that travis gusting to 33. that is a howling sea breeze and that also means cooler weather will make it out to the sacramento valley. morning fog. that will be sunny. cooler for most. but again this time of year we can go from 58 to 93 degrees. there will be 80s mainly through the interior. here is sal. steve, we have traffic that is off to a decent start. we are going to start with the east shore freeway and show you traffic is still pretty much standard. not very slow at all. it is early. you can still get a decent commute. more people are joining us on
5:32 am
the road. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic is is light so far. usually doesn't get backed up until after 6:00 or sometimes just before it. it hasn't happened yet. if you are driving on the bay bridge it's about an eight minute drive. 5:32 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. we begin with developing news from hayward we first reported 30 minutes ago. investigators are trying to fig our out what caused a fire that killed a woman early this morning. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is joining us live from the scene. >> reporter: it's a very sad situation here. firefighters were able to get three people out of this house. one of them they rescued. you can see inside this home it's completely destroyed there. one person they did rescue and
5:33 am
brought outside, she ended up dying at the scene on townsend avenue. let's go to video we shot a little bit earlier this morning. this all happened at 1:00 a.m.. a husband and a wife woke up because they started feeling heat, smelling smoke. the wife went and grabbed a fire extinguisher in the garage and tried to put the fire out but the fire extinguisher wasn't working. it's unknown if they heard any smoke alarms but they were able to quickly exit the house but the elderly aunt was left inside and when firefighters arrived on scene, they had to challenge to put the fire out while another crew tried to rescue here. >> she was wheelchair bound so the only way for her to get out would have been to come through the fire. and unfortunately she wasn't able to do that. >> reporter: how did firefighters get her? >> they extricated her by
5:34 am
carrying her outside. >> reporter: a fire captain told me that woman was in her bed and she was trapped. and once they brought her outside, they tried to resuscitate her and do cpr but it was unsuccessful. as i mentioned she eed up dying here at the scene. they also say some family pets ended up dying. we are hearing two birds and at least one cat died in this fire. right now the husband the nephew is at a hospital. he was complaining because his chest hurt. we know his wife is next door at a neighbor's house. the red cross is helping her. as far as a cause, there are fire investigators who are actually inside the house right now. they think it might be electrical. they have seen a lot of plugs and cords in the front bedrooms but they are still investigating on that. reporting live from hayward janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. there is a new twist in the
5:35 am
case against leland yee and raymond chow. ktvu news has gathered exclusive video at a break in at a print shop. this is a story we've been following since the 10:00 news. and today as you just saw we have video of the break in. ktvu alex savidge is in san francisco this morning to explain how this could effect one of the biggest criminal earl trials in city -- criminal trial in city history. >> reporter: the judge asked for this stuff to remain sealed. prosecutors reportedly left some of that evidence here at the colour drop print shop in san francisco to have the items crappied for defense attorneys. while the documents were here someone broke up. let me show you surveillance video of a burglar kicking in a
5:36 am
window at this business. this happened on may 25th. according to a san francisco police report obtained by ktvu news, a print shop employee claims none of that federal evidence was stolen during the break in but the attorney for defendant raymond shrimp boy chow says he's concerned some of the evidence might have been tampered with or compromised in some way. and he's surprised there wouldn't be more security at a business that is doing contract work for federal prosecutors and handling evidence that is not supposed to be made public. >> and they left all of this information in their custody. they were obviouslily vulnerable to a break in. when the break in occurred there was no federal follow up. the fbi didn't get involved. >> reporter: now an fbi spokesman told ktvu news none of the original evidence in this case has been released from fbi custody.
5:37 am
chow and leland yee are among a number of defendants facing federal criminal charges. and even a murder for hire plot. according to chow's attorney, this print shop here in san francisco does have a contract with the u.s. attorneys office to dispurse thousands of pages of evidence to the defense attorneys in this case. now we have reached out to a representative for the u.s. attorneys office looking for a comment about this break in and how it possibly could impact this case. we'll let you know when we hear back. live in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. new this morning a teenage boy is in the hospital after being hit by a pickup truck in castro valley. chp investigators say the incident happened on lake chabot road just before 3:00 this morning. the driver of the pickup truck told the chp he was on his way top work and didn't see anything unusual. and then he realized he had hit something and pulled over to the side of the road.
5:38 am
other drivers were on the road and someone called 911. >> we were notified on a traffic collision involving a pedestrian and a vehicle for unknown reasons the pedestrian was lying in the street prior to the traffic collision. the party was a juvenile and we have yet to ascertain why the party may have been in the road. >> investigators say none of the drivers they talked with saw the boy lying on the road. the teenager was taken to eden valley medical center but details on his condition are not being released. investigators in san francisco are trying to determine the cause of two more fires. they were first reported at 9:30 last night on biel street. none of the flames were hurt. arson investigators were called to the scene late last night. still no word on how the two fires started. teenagers and violence at bart stations and today police are taking action. police describe the attacks as
5:39 am
wildings. attacks vin colluded stealing cell phones and nike shoes. today's law enforcement committeeling collude bart police. a memorial is continuing to grow where a gunman went on a deadly rampage. the suspect has been identified as a 26-year-old man who does not attend the school. he went into the engineering building armed with a knife and shotgun and then started shooting. he killed one person and injured three others. one of whom is in critical condition.
5:40 am
the gunman was reloading when a student working as a building monitor subdued him. >> this is a tragedy and the family the victim's families it's heartbreaking. but if we will find any good light in this, it's the people around him stepped up. >> the suspect is expected to appear in court today for an initial hearing. he is being held on suspicion of murder. tonight hundredsover people are expected to gather in san jose to remember a local teenager killed in the isla vista killing rampage. george hen of san jose was one of six people killed in the massacre last month. he graduated leland high school in san jose just two years ago. a memorial service is scheduled for 8:00 tonight at the hawaii these church of christ south valley. new this morning president obama taking part in the commemoration of the 70s anniversary of the d-day invasion in normandy, france.
5:41 am
president obama joined the veterans. the president said the american commitment to liberty is written in blood on the beaches of normandy. >> omaha, normandy this was democracy's beach hit. and our victory in that war decided not just a century but shape the security and well being of all posterity. >> more than 150,000 allied troops stormed the beaches of normandy. it was the beginning of a massive invasion to drive the nazis out of france. the d-day invasion changed the course of world war ii in europe. >> and to hear the stories, it's simply amazing. coming up an emotional reunion between man and man's best friend. coming up at 6:00 the efforts from an entire community that helped find a man's missing service dog. >> preparing for big crowds this upcoming football season.
5:42 am
the parking plan being considered for the new 49ers stadium and how it could bring more fans to the city of mountain view. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing well. we will tell you more about a new problem spotted in the east bay. >> a ramp up of the fog bank means it will be cooler. temperatures came down a little bit yesterday. we will show you the cooler forecasted highs for friday.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
gunshot wound. no other details are being released but anyone with information is asked to call police. people who live in the same neighborhood as a hotel near the oakland airport are complaining about unwanted guests. the hotel was recently renovated but never opened. now it looks like it's falling apart. neighbors complain about graffiti and people have broke into several rooms. >> it can get to a point where it can get out of control. >> i worry about a fire. >> we are told the homeless are often out of sight during daylight but if you look closely we caught one man on camera who ducked as soon as he saw us. we tried to call the man who owns or manages the property, but we were unable to reach him. it will soon be easier for
5:46 am
people in marin county who knows which grocery store passed health inspections. they voted anonymously to give preliminary approval. they will get a green plaquer to display. we are months away from the first 49ers game in levi stadium and the crew is working out details on how to get fans to anaphoria stadiums. one is to get them to leave their cars in mountain view and ride light rail. it's a quick ride and city leaders are considering letting niner fans park there for free in downtown parking garages on game days. supporters of the plan say they will bring thousands of fans to mountain view bars and restaurants. >> that would be great.
5:47 am
weekends here are usually slow. >> it could be a win-win for even. we have a beautiful downtown with restaurants and bars. >> however critics say this plan could create big traffic problems as well. the city council will review in thefection few weeks the plan. on this d-day anniversary the 49ers will welcome a military veteran on a mission to honor america's heros. mike viti will talk to the rookies today. he is currently walking across the country on a trip he calls hiking for heros. he is planning to walk 7100- kilometers, one kilometer for one service member killed. he is a retired army captain who was a platoon leader in afghanistan. let's go to sal keeping an eye on traffic. i remember who you were. >> oh friday. but you won't have to remember
5:48 am
tomorrow. take the next days off why don't you? >> thanks, sal. >> task is doing -- traffic is doing okay. it will be okay on highway 24 westbound as you drive to the tunnel. as a matter of fact, it's an eight minute drive coming up through. there was a report of a crash on eastbound 24 near oak hill. did not cause any big traffic jams. chp is there. and it's not huge deal of traffic. i think i can actually see it on the side of the road there. it's not causing traffic delay. bay bridge toll plaza there are no major problems at the toll plaza. the traffic continues to move along very nicely. some of the lanes are getting crowded. the metering lights are not yet on. this is a look at the drive from hercules to richmond and it is a very nice drive sol far. let's go to steve. sal, look at this. >> wow. >> sunrise right on queue. although some areas are like what are you talking about any
5:49 am
can't see anything but gray. it is a big fog bank out there. it all spells a cooler pattern today unless you are way, way inland. and i know some of you are. low clouds there. no reports of drizzle. it would not surprise me in the least. clear and breezy. coast, fog, sunny and breezy. a little cooler. fairfield 87. they came down four from yesterday. livermore 9. palo alto 78. east san jose which was 86 two days ago or excuse me yesterday was 84 they were 88. so a couple degrees two, three, four. it is a sign of a cooler pattern. low clouds. cooler by the coast. cool or breezy even though it will won't be as warm.
5:50 am
cooler friday. sunday will be the hottest day. there will be bid 90s. could flirt with that 100- degree reading. coast will not. oakland today 67. 55 and over cast right now. and yesterday it was a little bit of holes were forming in it. not today. it is ramping up big time. 50s on the temps. there is a westerly breeze for some. napa also santa rosa is in there. this all equals a cooler pattern. 44 up in tv hoe. 64 up in reno and 55 ukiah. temperatures cooling down today. we will pick it up on saturday. next week is looking cooler as high pressure moves out and low
5:51 am
pressure settles in. but not warming up. coming down a couple degrees each day. tomorrow we will warm it up. inland fog will burn off sooner. sunday will be the hottest day. just about 20 minutes ago the labor department released the unemployment rate held steady last month. that was enough to keep the unemployment rate at 6.3%. bars, restaurants, health care, and professional service sectors added the most jobs but growth and construction and manufacturing still pretty slow. the beastie boys scored a win over monster energy drinks. monster has been ordered to pay $1.75 million for violating the
5:52 am
group's music. coming up a new way for prisoners to express their views. >> reducing the risk of allergies. how a specific insect could help boost your cells.
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5:55 am
welcome back. 5:54 is the time. a couple speaking out about their son's near drowning in hopes of making other families aware it could happen in an instant. jackson turns ten months old today has spent the last month in the hospital. he's recovering from a brain injury after falling into his grandparents pool during a family barbecue. jackson's parents say they only looked away for five seconds to tend to another child. but that was long enough for their child to crawl into the water. >> i think the more people are around, the dangerous it is. you feel there are more eyes on the situation when in reality it's not true. >> jackson's parents say he is making incredible process
5:56 am
guest. last week many of the first responders that saved his life, attended a fundraiser to help the family offset their medical expenses. a medical study being released today provides new evidence that children that grow up in sterile environments are at increased risk for allergies. they get the same protection from allergies and asthma as children raised on farms. the study shows children who are exposed to certain bacteria, cock roach droppings or cat or mouse dander are at less of a risk. according to the mercury news an investigation found that students exchange text messages and photos of answers from their algebra final. the test was supposed to take two hours but they noticed something was not right when students turned in their exams in just 30 minutes. the school was not able to determine exactly which
5:57 am
students cheated so the scores will all be thrown out and won't be counted for their over all semester grade. even though school is out for the year, students can retake the exam on tuesday to improve their grades. we continue to follow developing news. coming up at 6:00 in hayward, the answers firefighters are hoping to discover after a deadly over night fire and how firefighters were able to rescue some of the people inside. >> plus new information surrounding the case of a man wanted by the fbi. what they uncovered inside of his apartment during another search yesterday. >> good morning. we are still looking at a commute that is not all that bad. look at 280. i'm liking this. but there are some places that are still getting a little bit slow. we will tell you more about those places coming up. >> some areas have kept temperatures from 59-60 degrees. there is a lot more fog today. inland temps came down a little bit yesterday. we'll see if they come down a little bit more on this friday forecast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. you are looking live in hayward from firefighters are investigating a deadly overnight fire. it happened just before 1:00 this morning. coming up in two minutes you will join janine de la vega who is on the scene. she will have more on how firefighters were able to save two people that were living inside the home. one pe


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